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tv   News Channel 3 News at 630  CBS  March 6, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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oladipo and zeller. tom crean has been able to get this team back to that high level. >> bill: it's the speed of the game that's devastating. you've got to match it. the push. the willingness to spread and attack stretches your d. tough pass. >> ian: ferrell. the turnover. >> bill: he knows. a little giveaway. trimble a little frustrated. how smart is he? didn't go all the way -- actually picked it up, i think he was going to make a play for a cutting hoosier. >> i thought you were going to say "smarter than your average point guard." >> bill: that he is. that's not going out on a limb. >> ian: i'm like your "boo-boo." >> bill: hurt his shoulder again. >> ian: a left-shoulder injury
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this game. >> bill: looks like that thing again -- even though he's bending over, excruciating pain. >> ian: he aggravated it against iowa. tom crean comes over. the medical staff will come over. dr. steve opfelt who played here for bob knight. >> ian: doing his job trying to tip a ball, and did, by the way, did his job. >> bill: did and paid for it, and tom was saying to both of us that at the end of the year, it's happened so often they're going to have to address it. god bless him, huh? >> ian: indiana playing without robert johnson.
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morgan was a question mark for this game. hartman was a question mark for this game. they help the freshman to the locker room with 1:20 left to play. >> bill: yesterday he was saying "i feel pretty good. ready to go." remember the rebounding he got earlier in the game, soaring -- tom and the staff, tim buckley worked hard, chuck martin, rob judson, on the other end i spoke to hall of famer at st. mary's who watches the games, he studied, by the way -- la salle guy. >> ian: brantley in for maryland, trimble will sit and melo trimble wraps up his day with 17 points. four rebounds. three assists. >> bill: indiana puts so much pressure on you. constant. every trip.
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>> ian: 17 for yogi ferrell. >> bill: nice hands. >> ian: layman gives it away. williams is fouled and now it's all window dressing for indiana. >> ian: layman has fouled out. the big ten tournament coming up in indianapolis. indiana will be in the be one seed. michigan state the two. maryland entering action could have been the three, or the four. either way, they've got the double bye which was a big key for mark turgeon. >> bill: that's what his concern was. they've got a few days to get back together and get organized. this was a terrific performance. who was ready. watching practice, tom didn't want any letdown.
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them, not sitting down -- you get that reaction at home, don't you? >> ian: yeah, left, right. billy, maryland will be a part of it, indiana will be a part of it. we'll have it for you -- the big ten tournament, semifinals and finals on cbs from indianapolis next weekend. >> bill: from beginning to end. >> i: it's going to be a battle too. >> bill: it's going to be a great tournament. seven guaranteed, maybe eight teams. >> ian: depending on michigan. >> bill: yeah. >> ian: final 45 seconds. williams makes his move. hangs and hits. 80-62. williams has 23 to lead the hoosiers. >> bill: when he finishes at the
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their sets. tom wanted to probably call that time out, continue play to get seniors in. >> ian: nickens had it blocked. anunoby. 20 seconds left. >> bill: they're going to call a time out and keep playing. just to keep playing. yeah. just to get the seniors in. >> ian: senior day. yogi ferrell. >> ian: indelible impact that he's had on this program. >> bill: a keeper. early in the year, struggled a little bit. notre dame game seems, tom, to have turned the season around for them -- buckley with the hug -- why not? he is hugable. i've seen him play a lot of good games.
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>> ian: jackson tharp is in. >> bill: don't rub it in. >> ian: he wants to get one more player in. tim priller. >> bill: something to talk about the rest of your life. >> ian: indiana riding the waves. big ten champions. they will enter the conference tournament as the number one seed. a convincing 80-62 win over maryland. the number 12 hoosier defeat the number 14 terrapins. for bill raftery, tracy wolfson
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is ian eagle saying so long from bloomington. tonight on cbs begins with 60 minutes followed by new episodes of emv madam secretary, the good wife and "c.s.i." cyber. closed captioning provided by cbs sports division tired of working for peanuts? well what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so.
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america mourns one of the former first lady nancy reagan passed away this morning at her home in los angeles. she died of congestive heart failure. this is video taken in newport news in 2001 -- as she christened the uss ronald reagan. as first
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in the white house, nancy reagan was known as the "just say no" spokeswoman of anti-drug campaigns and as a fierce protector of her husband, both personally and politically. she will be buried next to him at the ronald reagan presidential library in california. nancy reagan was 94 years old. now to a violent weekend in hampton roads -- five shootings in five different cities -- taking the life of one man -- and sending others to the hospital with injuries. two of those shootings happened today. newschannel 3 s kelly rule joins us live in the control room with the latest. kelly -- erica -- today )s string of violence started in virginia beach early this morning. a man was taken to the hospital -- with life-threatening injuries -- according to police. two shootings -- in two different cities today. the first -- at the virginia beach oceanfront -- where police were called to the area of 17th and atlantic avenue for a man with a gunshout wound. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries -- according to police.
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-- police say he ran from the scene -- but officers found nearby, and arrested him. super 8 hotel staff confirmed to newschannel 3 -- the shooting happened inside the hotel. that )s where two weeks ago -- police say a man went into a hotel room and stole cash. police believed -- the man was armed. a local business owner who did not want to appear on camera -- says after 39 years of business on his street -- he )s shutting down his store. the reason -- his safety. then around 2 this afternoon -- portsmouth police were called to a deep creek boulevard and columbus avenue -- for a shooting. - one man was sent to the hospital - police have not sad how badly he was hurt. police believe the shooting may have happened down the street -- on portsmouth boulevard. and right now -- there are more shooting investigations in hampton roads stemming from this weekend s violence. in hampton -- police say a young man is in the hospital with life threatening injuries after he was shot yesterday. an employee at the ace hardware store on nickerson boulevard tells newschannel three his coworker found the victim lying in the woods behind the store -- bleeding. the motive and circumstances are still under investigation.
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teens were shot during a house party yesterday. it happened on hamilton drive around 2:30 a-m. police say a 17- year-old was shot in the back and a bullet grazed his thigh. he was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. an 18- year-old woman was also shot in the thigh, but is expected to be ok. police say the suspect they are looking for is a man between 19 and 22 years old. if you have information about any of these shootings -- call the crime line at 1-888- lock-u-up. live in the control room, kelly rule, newschannel three. we now know the name of the man, killed in a shooting in the ocean view section of norfolk. newschannel three s brian hill joins us with the latest on yesterday s shooting.. brian, erica, police say 38-year-old robert reynold knight the third was the victim.. they discovered the man from chester, suffering from several gunshot wounds. red brake light pieces, broken glass, and a memorial site are all that remain after the deadly
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curtis / resident )motor vehicle accident with injuries. 1710 kingstons road. caller says that he heard six shots and then a car crash. inaudible cars on fire. 26.19 i walked up and it was the guy leaning over in the seat, just really blood. it scared the crap out of me. i was trying to get his attention and see if he was alive. )around two saturday afternoon, police found 38- year-old robert knight in the driver )s seat of a white minivan, with several gunshot wounds. he later died. curtis / resident 27.45 )its not something you really wanna see, at all. seat. blood everywhere. 27.55 )crashed into my neighbors truck and into the wall. )police are now searching for a small blue or grey sedan believed to be involved in the crash. they say it has a lot of damage to its front end but wouldnt go into detail about what role the crash or the cars damaged ... played in the shooting. need help but some people are afraid to speak up. kay/resident 33.09 if i did know anything or found out anything 33.16
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but i would really think about it and id be extremely cautious about it. a cautiousness people say theyll have until the shooter is in handcuffs. curtis / resident 28.32 )what if they didnt catch wind of this guy actually, them doing what they wanted to do, killing the guy and they come back, 28.42 and my wifes minivans right there 28.44 and they nt know its her in the nivan and they try to do other shooting and it happens her. y/resident 32.03 -p&feel very uncomfortable.-p&33.34 i hope the person gets-p&caught. )anyone with information the shooting is asked to call triple 8 lock-u- up. i spoke with knights cousin rlier today. e says the family is looking for answers in his death. live in the studio brian hill, newschannel three. turning to the weather -- it was a nice day to be outdoors. the sun was shining at the virginia beach oceanfront. though it wasn )t quite warm enough for folks to ditch their jackets -- and it )s gotten even colder out now -- but that will be changing soon. a big warm up is on the way. for those details... here )s meteorologist dominic brown -- feeling a lot like spring over the next several days....if you ve been waiting for a significant warm up, then get ready! we re tracking highs in the 70s this week,
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southerly breezes will boost our highs into the lower 60s on monday. we )ll see mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds will build in by late afternoon into the evening, but overall, we re expecting a dry day. the clouds may stick around into early tuesday morning. otherwise, expect mostly sunny skies with highs in the low and mid 70s. high will soar into the mid and upper 70s on wednesday and thursday. then, by next weekend, a few showers return to the forecast. highs will cool back into the 60s. a north carolina woman is dead and a man is injured after showers return to the forecast. highs will cool back into the 60s.
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and a man is injured after they were hit by a norfolk southern train -- it happened yesterday afternoon in winston salem. norfolk southern representatives say four adults and one child were walking on a railroad bridge when a train began to cross the bridge. three people were able to get off the bridge -- but karen harlow and aleyn griswold were hit. harlow died at the scene -- griswold was taken to the hospital -- where he underwent surgery. winston-salem police are still investigating. in suffolk -- a teenage boy is in the hospital after he was hit by an s-u-v today. it happened at the intersection of college drive and university boulevard. according to police -- suffolk fire and rescue treated the 15- year-old at the scene. he was then taken to sentara norfolk general hospital. his injuries are not believed to be life- threatening. police are still working to figure out exactly what happened. coming up on newschannel three -- a major loss for the sports world -- as peyton manning
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newschannel three has a first warning traffic alert: right now the midtown tunnel is closed. it was shut down about half an hour ago and will remain closed until five in the morning. it )s closed so that crews can install a pedestrian bridge. if you )re trying to get between norfolk and portsmouth -- you can take the downtown tunnel instead. two years ago -- 239 people lost their lives on aboard malaysia airlines flight- 370. and ever since, relatives of those onboard have found few answers since the boeing triple seven disappeared on its way to beijing from kuala
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earlier this week -- a piece of wreckage from a boeing 777 -- likely from mh370 -- was found washed ashore on the coast of mozambique. but now -- the deadline for families to sue the airline is march 8th. the victims were remembered in a memorial in kuala lumpur. it )s official -- peyton manning is retiring from the n-f-l -- and he )s going out a champion. the denver broncos ) twitter account congratulated manning for his -- quote -- "magnificent 18- year nfl career." -- end quote. officials say manning notified the team -- but no official news conference has been announced. the five-time m- v-p is one of only two quarterbacks to beat every team in the nfl. brett favre is the other. manning is retiring with several n-f-l records under his belt, including most career touchdown passes. he )s the only quarterback to win super bowls with two teams. feeling a lot like spring over the
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been waiting for a significant warm up, then get ready! we re tracking highs in the 70s this week, all courtesy of high pressure offshore. southerly breezes will boost our highs into the lower 60s on monday. we )ll see mostly sunny skies. a few high clouds will build in by late afternoon into the evening, but overall, we re expecting a dry day. the clouds may stick around into early tuesday morning. otherwise, expect mostly sunny skies with highs in the low and mid 70s. high will soar into the mid and upper
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then, by next weekend, a few showers return to the forecast. highs will cool back into the 60s.
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so dominic, the countdown is on! we )re hours away from a
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rocket launch at nasa s wallops flight facility on the eastern shore. this is video from a launch that took place there just last week. the plan for tomorrow is to launch a rocket carrying three new technologies into suborbital space. the launch window is between seven and ten a-m. backup launch days are tuesday through saturday. your next local newscast is at ten on our sister station - wgnt. then we re back here for
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>> i was a snowboarding instructor, a bouncer in a nightclub. >> laura logan: and now 44-year- old justin trudeau is a world leader. the new prime minister of canada and his wife will be guests of honor at a white house state dinner later this week. the trade and the syrian refugee crisis will likely be on the menu. while we were with trudeau we found out he loves to box and is not afraid of a fight. >> people think that boxing is
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your opponent. it's not. it's about how hard of a hit you can take and keep going. >> i am no expert but from what i know, what happened in the things that were torn up, it had to be like an atomic explosion. >> anderson cooper: he is talking about the explosion that killed 29 coal miners in a mine run by the man known as the king of coal, who just became the first c.e.o. of a major american company convicted of a workplace safety crime. >> this was a coal mine and a company that was, not an exaggeration to say run, as a criminal enterprise. >> this can be likened to a drug organization and the defendant was the kingpin. >> bill whitaker: all the condemned men in texas, about 250 of them, are held in one place: death row in livingston. the prison let us inside to speak with several condemned killers just weeks before their


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